Keirans Legacy

Charitable Aims:

The saving of lives

The advancement of education

The provision of recreational facilities

Keirans Legacy Defibrillators

Keirans Legacy was established as a result of Keiran being involved in an accident with a car which  resulted in being fatal at the scene on the 20th March 2016 aged 16 . Keiran was taking part in downhill mountain biking that day, which is his passion.

Keirans accident revealed that the nearest ambulance was 38 miles away, the police who were the first emergency service on the scene had no equipment, the fire brigade were not called despite having the equipment and expertise to enhance Keirans chance of survival and maintain his dignity.

In Keirans name we are changing the situation that presently occurs  in Scotland where over 3500 people suffer an out of hospital cardiac arrest and less than  10% survive and across the UK figures are that 60,000 people suffer out of hospital arrests and again less than 10% survive. This can’t continue.

Keiran will and has saved lives which is priceless. Keirans Legacy has challenged organisations, bureaucracy, culture and beliefs and has enhanced knowledge by providing  education and allowing hands on training on how to save a life in an emergency life threatening situation.

Keirans Legacy has collaborated with communities, public places, schools, sports facilities and emergency services, thus enabling the provision of automated external defibrillators to be sited in these areas which increases the community resilience and enhances the chance of survival and to change practice with Police Scotland to carry defibrillators in their fast response vehicles.  We are campaigning for dual responding which happens in USA/Canada and to ensure the nearest emergency services responds.

Education on CPR in schools not to only include CPR but now Keirans Legacy has included defibrillator training to increase the victim’s chance of survival.   The training provided  in these areas is breaking down the fear that can occur when faced with a life threatening situation and to date over 1000 people have been trained and 60 defibrillators have been sited with 4 lives being saved with the use of one of these devices.

Keirans Legacy is also providing recreational activities by providing equipment to enable adults and children to participate in activities to increase their health and well being.  Recently we have supplied 3 schools with equipment to allow school pupils to participate in biking to increase their confidence and safety whilst on a bike.  Keiran’s passion!

McKandie Defibrillators used 11 times by police officers across the north-east in the past year.
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