By Keiran’s Mum & Dad

Keiran Mckandie <em>Keirans Legacy Saving Lives

“Keiran ate slept, dreamt, spoke and watched mountain biking, and was a talented young rider who loved the banter, crack and camaraderie with his fellow bikers and friends of all ages. Keiran was always up early, no time to waste lying in bed when you could be out biking and was responsible for getting everyone organised for a weekend of biking, every second precious, every second lived to the full with so much energy, enthusiasm and never complaining. I am yet to ever hear Keiran say he was bored.

Keiran was extremely fit, and spent his time biking, taking parts in all different sports, including, ice hockey, badminton, netball and running, all which he enjoyed to the full giving 100%, always enjoying taking part and the fitness that came with taking part in all these sports.

Keiran went out mountain biking on the 20th March thinking that in his words “it was going to be a great day, and it is the fittest I have ever felt”, smiling from ear to ear as he always did.
Keirans smile was one that make you instantly smile and his eyes smiled at the same time.
Keirans and our dreams were obliterated in seconds……….we are so privileged to have you as our son, our world, our past, present and future.

Keirans accident has totally devastated our three lives which can’t and will not ever be similar in any shape or form again, when your only child is taken away in the timeframe of a few seconds, the trauma that occurs is impossible to describe even when you are existing with the torment every day.

Keiran is influencing change and Keirans Legacy allows Keiran to contribute to society and spread his passion for life and sport.  Keiran will and has saved lives which is priceless.”
Mum & Dad xxx

“Today we lost not only an amazing rider but also an amazing friend who was loved by the whole mountain biking community and everyone who knew him. I shared many a great moment with Keiran and he was always the happiest guy on the trails and was uplifting to be around. He gave so much to the sport he loved and he will be greatly missed. Ride in peace Keiran and stay stoked.
Scott Robertson